Friday, April 8, 2016

Young AmeriTowne with Congressman Perlmutter

Our fifth graders attended Young AmeriTowne this week with a few very special guests. We were joined by Congressman Perlmutter, who represents the 7th Congressional District of Colorado; Richard Martinez, Jr., President and CEO of Young Americans; and Linda Childears, President and CEO of the Daniels Fund. April is Financial Literacy Month and our special guests spoke to the students about the importance of learning about finances and economic development. 

Our students shined brightly and their hard work and preparation was evident. It was absolutely a joy to watch them deliver packages, write tickets to citizens who did not abide by the laws, and take care of those who had "illnesses." Thanks to all the students and teachers for your hard work and thanks to the parent volunteers who helped supervise and manage the event!

6th Grade Outdoor Lab, Mount Evans

I got to share a snippet of the 6th graders' Outdoor Lab experience yesterday. It was a gift to experience our students discovering nature, showing personal responsibility in their work in the cafeteria and with each other on the trails, and challenging themselves mentally and physically in what, for many, is their first extended stay away from home. I took a hike and learned about biospheres with one of our student groups, which was expertly led by two Dakota Ridge high school seniors. I also had lunch with all the students and meandered around the campus, taking in the experience. Aside from being a little tired (those bunk beds are not, what I hear, like the beds at home), parents can be assured that your kiddos are happy and healthy and will return with enduring memories.