Sunday, September 20, 2015

Substitute Teachers Love Blue Heron!

We all love Blue Heron because we have the best students in Jeffco. Sometimes, it's nice to hear how much visitors to our school love us, too. Andrew Schilling, PE teacher extraordinaire, had a substitute teacher recently and she stopped me in the hallway to let me know how much she loved subbing at our school. I asked her if she'd be willing to express those feelings in writing and here's what she said:

I’m proud to have been a longtime elementary physical educator in Jeffco. I’m always happy to sub at a GREAT elementary school--Blue Heron! The staff and students, secretaries and principal are wonderful! Students are well disciplined and so much fun to teach. The school environment is positive and conducive to students’ discipline and student learning! This school is a five star school!

Marty Loschen
Retired Elementary PE Teacher